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I'm Steph Law, and I'm an artist, maker and jeweller. 

I've been training in visual arts practically my entire life. I started art lessons as young as any art teacher would take me, which was six years old!  My artistic endeavors followed me through an arts high school and eventually to study Visual Arts at York University. I continue to practice my skills in my home studio, providing  commission pieces for many happy clients.

As a maker, this is where my creativity really gets to shine. Along with my artisitc skills, I have a long background in crafting. From stationary and decorations for events and weddings, to visual merchandising and window displays, to theatre sets and wall murals, I can take a vision and transform it into a crafted reality.

I also have a passion for making jewellery. I was inspired to start making jewellery on a visit to China. I was having a pearl necklace strung in a market, and the jeweller taught me the basics of the trade. I self-taught myself the rest of my techniques upon my return home. You can find my pieces sold  at Woods & Woods in Uxbridge or in my online shop.

I am also passionate about many causes and issues that effect me and my community. I regularly donate a portion of my profits to organizations that support what I care about. For more information on how you can help too, click the link to the right.


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